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Mystic Tools

In each one of us resides a Mystic. We may think we are as un-mystical as bad karaoke while roaring drunk. But as we wander the mountains, we find that our love of life increases, our love of all increases, our love of strangers increases.

We find ourselves doing bizarre things such as smiling at flowers and enjoying snowflakes.


Our hearts open to sunsets. We find ourselves awestruck by simple foods.

Now we can enjoy these events as a mild passing of life and time, or we can also take them with increased consciousness as a doorway into ever greater love of all, a falling into oneness with all.

We can amplify them, so our hearts sing and our eyes cry with joy and beauty.  We can become besotted with appreciation for the flow of life, including the terrors and hardships.

Ok, so now perhaps the marketing department has interested you in your potential to be a mystic. What to do now?

If you are reading this at home, plan to head out soon! Give yourself time to not just race into the mountains towards a big goal, with your head full of work thoughts and home projects. Instead, consciously decide that you are going to experiment with this unknown mystic stuff. Once that decision is made plan the trip with the conscious decision to bring greater awareness to your presence during the journey.

Set the Intention to be present with nature in all its vastness and moods, and with yourself in all your vastness and moods.

Being a Mystic is a conscious decision to move into greater mind stillness, greater appreciation, while out in nature

From this space all sorts of happenings take place. The list of mystical events is endless and evolving and beautiful and profound and inexplicable.

We are starting to add more mystical tools and stories and experiences here, come back soon!

Check back soon
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.
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